A Map Of Shoreditch Street Art

Will Noble
By Will Noble Last edited 69 months ago

Last Updated 15 October 2018

A Map Of Shoreditch Street Art

Interested in street art, but don't know your Stik from your Senna? Remember seeing a really cool mural of a fish in Shoreditch, but can't remember exactly where?

Then this map is for you:

Compiled by The Stage, the interactive map pinpoints the locations of street art around the east London locale that's slathered in the stuff. Each pin tells you the title of the artwork, and the name of its creator. The map also points out the area's many galleries (in case you're in the market for buying).

The only problem with the map? Given the transient nature of street art, we predict there'll be a lot of updating to keep this thing current.

Have a play about with the embedded map above, or check it out here.