Does The Trivago Woman Haunt Your Dreams?

Will Noble
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Does The Trivago Woman Haunt Your Dreams?

We've heard many stories of haunted tube stations, but in the past few weeks, social media has been chilled to the bone with disturbing reports of the illuminated figure of a lone woman — hovering around every corridor of the London Underground network.

We have seen her ourselves too: she is The Trivago Woman.

Jon Beach, from The Drum, couldn't have put it any better:

She has a blue shirt and stands to the left.

She has ideal hotels. At the best prices. She wants you to know about them. But that's not all she wants.

She wants you to know that wherever you’re going, she'll be there. Arms to the side. Staring into the very fabric of your soul.

Elsewhere, Londoners have been freaking out on Twitter, with one claiming "I swear she's got my PIN number now", and another fearing "The end must be soon".

The internet tells us that The Trivago Woman is in fact an Australian model who lives in Berlin and likes to get naked in saunas.

The truth, of course, is that she has been sent to watch over us in our weakest moments — yawning and hungover as we traipse into work every morning, and sweaty and dishevelled as we slog home each evening.

And all the while, her expression remains one of gleeful disdain.

Last Updated 29 August 2017

Clunking Fist

She is on our TV screens in NZ. How about in the UK? There's no getting away from her. I am surprised to see that she is a world-wide phenomenon.

Frederick Dawson

She has a white dot on her lips from - I dunno - Bad photo shopping? It's one of those things that once you see you can't unsee.

Ewart Rogers

The amount of money they are spending on this advertising (and the massive tv campaign) is so much that the prices found must be high to pay for them ... so maybe not a website to go to!