Introducing HeyGreenGO: A New Social App For Londoners

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Introducing HeyGreenGO: A New Social App For Londoners

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Social media means that our chats are mostly virtual — what's social about that? Brand new app HeyGreenGO is looking to change the way we interact, getting Londoners to meet up, do more, and embrace real life rather than the digital world.

You only have to look around a tube carriage to realise that the majority of people are glued to their phone. It's pretty likely they're on a social media app — avoiding eye contact in place of virtual friends. But when everyone is attached to their smartphone, how do we go about making new friends in this big city?

Introducing HeyGreenGO, the app aiming to get us all to talk more, meet up more and do more. Interact with existing friends as well as finding people in your vicinity with similar interests, and then get together and share an experience.

Maybe you'll find a keen cyclist to pedal alongside, someone to train with for the London Marathon, or even a future business partner? Perhaps you'll hook up with a fellow art-lover to check out the National Gallery with, or a board-game ally for a round or two of Scrabble...

With HeyGreenGO you can build up a bank of trusted friends and people who you know are on the same wavelength as you. Set up a profile and you'll be able to see other HeyGreenGO users within a 10-mile radius. This doesn't mean you have to ditch your bestie though, or stop hanging out with workmates — you can connect with friends from other social networks via HeyGreenGO too.

After a successful meeting, you can give and exchange badges to represent different activities, which will allow you to see what sort of things other users are into. Direct messaging means you can arrange times and dates and chit-chat on a one-to-one basis, but there's also the option to arrange group activities and talk together — all bases are covered.

Don't worry about dodgy meet-ups: HeyGreenGO's verification process means that only genuine users are involved, and with privacy settings you can change how visible your profile is. Yes, you will have to use your phone to download the app (which is free) and arrange the meeting, but after that, it's time to ditch the technology and see the city.

Been struggling to find someone to go to that astrophysics lecture with, or keep getting rejected for a Harry Potter pub quiz? Find people like you with HeyGreenGO: these Londoners aren't strangers, they're just people you haven't met yet.

HeyGreenGO is free to download on Apple and Android.

Last Updated 21 December 2016