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London Pub Crawls Volume 1, by Matt Brown, Rachel Holdsworth and Dave Haste

The pub crawl is a celebrated part of British culture. The Londonist Book of London Pub Crawls takes you on a tour of the capital's best pubs and bars with ten guided walks. Some show you the most atmospheric hostelries in a particular area, such as Shoreditch or Borough. Other take a special theme, like a tour of literary pubs, or drinking dens with scientific connections. Or follow in the footsteps of Karl Marx who, as a youngster, visited every pub on Tottenham Court Road, before drunkenly smashing all the gas lamps. We don't recommend you do that bit, though.

Buy the Londonist book of London Pub Crawls Volume 1 for Kindle and other devices. £2.68, which is less than the price of a pint (in most places).


The London Olympics: 1908, 1948, 2012, by David Long

Who was the oldest gold medalist ever, and what animal did he shoot to obtain his victory? Why is London's 50km water ring main of sporting interest? Where can you find remnants of the two previous London Olympics?

London 2012 marked the third occasion the city has hosted the Summer Games. Much has been written about this XXXth Olympiad, from sporting, cultural and societal angles. The intention of this short book, prepared by noted London author David Long, is to give the reader an historical primer, covering the Games of 1908 and 1948, as well as the author's thoughts on the recent Olympiad.

As with any book from David, you can expect a well-researched account pebbledashed with eyebrow-raising trivia.

Buy The London Olympics: 1908, 1948, 2012, by David Long for Kindle and other devices. £1.80