London's Most Beautiful Bus Stops And Stations

Harry Rosehill
By Harry Rosehill Last edited 35 months ago
London's Most Beautiful Bus Stops And Stations

Not all of London's bus stops are the stand-and-shelter setup, covered in sub-par graffiti. There are some inventive, and rather beautiful, designs out there. Here are some of our favourites.


Vauxhall bus station is a sci-fi masterpiece. We love it so much, we waxed lyrical about it in an article. In 2050, when roads are obsolete, this can still be used as a strip for takeoff into the skies above. Failing that, we'll turn it into a ski jump.

Photo: Louis Berk

Edmonton Green

Edmonton Green station shares more than a passing similarity to a bat. Rather than sucking your blood or heralding the arrival of a well-known caped crusader though, this bat will keep you warm and dry on a rotten evening in north London. And you can shout "To the Bat-mo-bus!" too.

Photo: LFaurePhotos

Lego Bus Stop

The Lego Bus Stop — briefly outside Hamley's in 2014 — ranks highly on London's list of all-time greatest product placement. For who wouldn't want to pop into the shop and buy a bumper collection of Lego under the auspices that you can build something just as ingenious. Let's bring this back, add cement and make it permanent.

Photo: Sean Batten


The canopy of Stratford bus station reminds us a bit of a wedding marquee. Good things happen in wedding marquees, like free cake. And free booze. When we're waiting for a bus on a gloomy night in the dead of winter, this brightly-lit spot is where we'd like to be.

Photo: LFaurePhotos

Newbury Park

Brutalism is a divisive style, but for those who see wonder in the efficient, Newbury Park bus stop is particularly special. The only shelter on this list to be Grade II listed, it was designed by Oliver Hill and opened in 1949. It's stood the test of time.

Photo: chris dorley-brown

Edible Bus Stop

The team behind the Edible Bus Stop have concocted the ambitious plan to turn all the stops along the 322 route into design-led community growing spaces and thriving neighbourhood hubs. This is one of their early efforts outside Lambeth Hospital; it's now entirely cared for by the local community. Expect many more to come.

Photo: © 2016 The Edible Bus Stop® All Rights Reserved

Southwark Street

This is as ordinary a bus stop as one can find. What makes the offering on Southwark Street so special is the chameleon-esque way it blends into its surroundings. It's the most beautiful bus stop you might continually fail to notice.

Photo: Chris Dzierza

What's your favourite place to wait for a bus in London? Tell us in the comments.

Last Updated 14 May 2021