London's Latest One-Item Restaurant Will Serve... Crisps

Helen Graves
By Helen Graves Last edited 21 months ago

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London's Latest One-Item Restaurant Will Serve... Crisps
Everyone likes crisps, right?

Crisps and dips are a party food staple, but would you go out to a restaurant to eat them?

New restaurant Hipchips will serve 'hand crafted' crisps, cut from heritage potato varieties and fried in front of customers. And just in case that's not enough to elevate the humble crisp to restaurant standard, the crunchy snacks will arrive — wait for it — on a conveyor belt.

This restaurant will contain lots of crisps. On a conveyor belt.

Dip flavours will be international and are set to include katsu curry, baba ganoush, Moroccan yoghurt, Peruvian ceviche and smoky cheese pickled onion fondue.

There will be crunchy options for dessert too, including cinnamon sugar-dusted crisps with pudding dips like rhubarb and custard and chocolate salted caramel.

A classic crisps and dips scenario. Photo: Yvonne.

A range of craft beer, wines and soft drinks will be available, for when the salt starts to take its toll.

This latest instalment in London's one-item restaurant story sounds well, a bit silly, actually. Still, if the Cereal Killer Café can make a go of it…

Hipchips will open late October at 49 Old Compton Street, W1D 6HL

Last Updated 21 February 2017