Astronomic Photographs To Blow Your Mind

Tabish Khan
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Astronomic Photographs To Blow Your Mind
The International Space Station cuts across star trails. An impressive photo, made even more so as it was taken by a 14 year old. © Scott Carnie-Bronca

This exhibition is a must visit for us every year.

The exhibition can never be complete without a beautiful aurora shot. © Bernt Olsen

The Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year award is a show that constantly blows us away with the sheer beauty of its entries.

The large Magellanic cloud is a stunning neighbour to our Milky Way. © Carlos Fairbairn

This year is no different with the usual mix of photographs of aurora, nebulae, the sun, moon and planets of our solar system.

The overall winner of the prize captures the glimpses of sunlight throughout the phases of a solar eclipse. © Yu Jun

It's always a good mix of the aesthetically pleasing with the technically accomplished photographs.

Star trails over the tall buildings of Hong Kong. © Wing Ka Ho

Images range from right here on our planet to millions of light years away. All of them have some kind of humbling effect.

Storms can be seen on Saturn's surface in this image. © Damian Peach

The Royal Observatory is the perfect spot for this display and we can't wait to go again to see this year's winners.

A Masai warrior passes on his knowledge of the Milky Way to his son. © Robin Stuart

Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2016 is at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich until 28 June 2017. Entrance is free to the exhibition.

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