Hampstead Heath Looks Gorgeous In These Photos

Laura Reynolds
By Laura Reynolds Last edited 71 months ago

Last Updated 03 August 2018

Hampstead Heath Looks Gorgeous In These Photos
Looking east from Hampstead Heath. Photo: Stuart Sunley (2015)

Despite its position mostly in the Borough of Camden, Hampstead Heath is owned by and run by the City of London.

Known for its lido and swimming ponds, excellent pubs and views over London, it's well worth a visit. Take a look at what it has to offer:

The Viaduct Pond. Photo: Wladows (2018)
Kenwood House. Photo: Richard (2018)
Summer Solstice on Parliament Hill. Photo: Louis Berk (2018)
The Pergola and Hill Gardens. Photo: David Skinner (2018)
The City from Parliament Hill. Photo: Geoff Holland (2016)
The view towards Parliament Hill Lido and beyond. Photo: Michael Goldrei (2011)
Silhouette and clouds on the Heath. Photo: Mark (2014)
Photo: Kendra Bean (2011)
An overwhelming autumn. Photo: James Guppy (2012)
Diving into the Men's Pond. Photo: Geoff Holland (2012)
A frozen lake and the viaduct. Photo: Tom O'Leary (2010)
View from Parliament Hill. Photo: Stephanie Sadler (2012)
Photo: Carolina (2012)
Night-time bike ride. Photo: charleyk (2015)
Playing in the trees. Photo: Mario Mitsis (2008)
Hampstead Pergola, a raised walkway and garden on the west side of the Heath. Photo: Dave Cool Britannia (2014)
Sunrise on Hampstead Heath. Photo: Laura Nolte (2011)

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