This Weekend, Check Out London's Lesser-Known Art Talent

Tabish Khan
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Last Updated 03 October 2016

This Weekend, Check Out London's Lesser-Known Art Talent
This art by The Bad Vibes Club can be downloaded as a Chrome extension.

It's easy to find out about the major exhibitions: they're all over the press, and ads are plastered across the tube network and buses.

But what about the smaller shows featuring young artists and curators? The ones without a significant marketing budget? How do we find out about these?

The Cheap Drinks Project was part of last year's Art Licks Weekend. Photo: Mariona Otero.

That's where Art Licks comes in as...

...a voice for the lesser-known and under-represented activities that form the grassroots of visual culture in London.

Art Licks is celebrating London's fantastic emerging art scene through the Art Licks Weekend (which is THIS weekend).

A handy map can be used to identify the events on each day, spread right across London (with an understandably healthy cluster around Peckham — known for its concentration of emerging art).

Getting inside the van was a surreal experience as the doors closed and a lot of shouting commenced in a very small space.

Last year we experienced art in a living room, in the back of a van, inside a barber shop and an entire car which had been converted into a work of art.

It's impressive just how innovative young artists can be when working off a limited budget. So we're looking forward to see what this year has to offer.

The Art Licks Weekend runs from 30 September-2 October, across various venues in London. Most events are free and people can book onto tours for £10