These Are The Weirdest Burgers Created For National Burger Day

Helen Graves
By Helen Graves Last edited 27 months ago

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These Are The Weirdest Burgers Created For National Burger Day
This is not a weird burger, it's a masterpiece. The green chilli cheese at Meatliquor.

It’s Mr. Hyde National Burger Day on 25 August and lots of restaurants are offering discounts and special burgers to mark the occasion.

A massive number of London restaurants are taking part – 622 to be exact, including some of London’s best like Bleecker St. Burger, Meatliquor, Burgerac's Burgershack and Patty & Bun.

To qualify for the 20% discount at participating restaurants, you’ll need to download a voucher via the National Burger Day website.

A number of restaurants are also running specials, some of them quite… different. So, in reverse order, here’s our top 3 weirdest burgers created in honour of National Burger Day:

No. 3: The Brown Butter Pecan Ice Cream Burger at Jude’s Ice Cream

The brown butter pecan burger at Jude's.

We’re always up for an ice cream sandwich, but is this stretching the concept a little too far?

A toasted brioche bun is filled with brown butter pecan ice cream and strawberries and topped with a sprinkling of nuts.

We think this one could get seriously messy.

Jude’s Ice Cream will be serving the ‘burger’ from their striped horse trailer in St. James’ Park from 25 – 27 August. £4.50

No. 2: The Calzone Burger at Rocket

The Calzone Burger.

Is it a calzone or a burger? This mind-bending creation fuses pizza dough with burger fillings, so perhaps we could call it The Calburger? Or The Burzone?

The dough is packed with a burger patty, tomato, cheese, bacon and a fried egg for added… egg? Chips come on the side if you’re up for a spot of double carbing.

Rocket, 2 Churchill Place Mall, E14 5RB. £14.60

No. 1: The Yorkshire Pudding Burger at Reform Social & Grill

Genius? Or a crime against Yorkshire puddings?

Reform Social & Grill recently designed a whole menu around Yorkshire puddings, so this doesn’t come as a huge surprise.

An Angus beef and bone marrow burger patty is topped with Ogleshield cheese and horseradish mayo and served between two Yorkshire puddings.

It’s certainly original.

Reform Social & Grill, The Mandeville Hotel, Mandeville Place, W1U 2BE. £10.95 with chips.

Last Updated 23 August 2016