Night Tube Will Extend To Jubilee Line In October

James Drury
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Night Tube Will Extend To Jubilee Line In October
The Night Tube roundel can be spotted at a few stations.

The night tube will expand to include the Jubilee line on 7 October, mayor Sadiq Khan has announced.

It is the third line to run 24 hours on weekends, following the Victoria and Central lines which ran all day and night for the first time at the weekend.

Mr Khan said: “The launch on the Jubilee line will support thousands more workers like nurses, cleaners and people who work in our bars and restaurants — many of whom currently take two night buses to get home. It will also serve some of our city’s key venues, with The O2, Wembley Stadium and Stratford on the route.”

It'll be easier to travel back from The O2 at night soon.

Rebecca Kane Burton of the O2 said: “The night tube is a game-changer for venues like us and thousands more across the capital.

“Over 60 per cent of our fans already use the Jubilee line to reach us. That will grow, the experience will improve, and it will enhance options for the teams who work here too.”

Sir George Iacobescu of Canary Wharf Group said: “It will offer Londoners easier access to our wonderful night-time economy. It will help the many popular bars and restaurants in Canary Wharf stagger their opening hours and ensure more people can get home safely after a late night out.

“Just as importantly, with industries like banking, tech and media running around the clock at Canary Wharf, not to mention our own maintenance, security and cleaning staff, the Night Tube is going to help a lot of people get to work more easily.

The Northern and Piccadilly lines will join the service once drivers have completed training.

Last Updated 26 August 2016