A 3D Printing Restaurant Is Coming To London

Chloe Koura
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Last Updated 13 July 2016

A 3D Printing Restaurant Is Coming To London

It sounds like the future — a restaurant where the food you eat is printed, and even the utensils you eat with are too.

Chef Castanye with the 3D-printers. Photo by Food Ink.

Well, now it's happening. Food Ink, the world's first 3D-printing restaurant, opens in Shoreditch this month.

During the day there'll be chance to taste 3D-printed snacks, you can try using 3D printers and pens, and lounge on 3D-printed furniture.

3D-printing. Photo by Food Ink.

In the evening, (if you can fork out £250) there's a multi-sensory nine-course taster menu made using the printers by Joel Castanye of Michelin-starred El Bulli and La Boscana.

There's only 10 tickets available for each night and demand is expected to be very high.

3D-printer. Photo by Food Ink.

If you can't make the dinner (or the price) you can livestream the dinner.

Get a taste of what to expect in this video:

Video by Food Ink.

Food Ink, 8 Dray Walk, Shoreditch, 26 and 27 July, 2-6pm. Nine-couse menu (with paired wines): £250, book in advance, 25/26/27 July 7.30pm