The Best Of Hammersmith In Photos

Laura Reynolds
By Laura Reynolds Last edited 90 months ago
The Best Of Hammersmith In Photos
Wedding car ynder the flyover in 2011. Photo: Alex Abian

Hammersmith is best known for two things; the Hammersmith Apollo and the Hammersmith Flyover. Take a look at what else the riverside area has to offer.

Roundel at Hammersmith station. Photo: Doug
Photo: John Esslinger
Pubs on the river bank, to the north of Hammersmith Bridge. Photo: John Esslinger
St Paul's Church on St Paul's Green. There's been a chapel on the site in 1629, and the current building was built in 1884. Photo: Matt Brown
Rik Mayall tributes at Hammersmith Roundabout, December 2014. Mayall lived in nearby Barnes. Photo: John Willoughby
Hammersmith Bridge linking Hammersmith on the north of the Thames to Barnes on the south. Photo: Andrea Pucci
Inside the Hammersmith Apollo. Photo: Tom Steel
A mixed bag of rooftops. Photo: Luca Burrattini
Barges moored on the river. Photo: Robin Baumgarten
24 hour shop in Kings Road. Photo: R4vi
Indeed. Photo: Kris Wood
A snowy day in 2010. Photo: psyxjaw

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