A Boozy Ice Cream Festival Is Coming To London

By Londonist Staff Last edited 29 months ago
A Boozy Ice Cream Festival Is Coming To London
Sun, slides and ice creams.

Kids, eh? They get to have all the fun. Well, not this time.

On the afternoon of 16 July Lumpy Hill Playground will be host to an adults-only ice cream festival.

Not only will you be able to access the slide without fearing the wrath of a two-year-old, there will be a huge selection of ice creams to try, including those made in Cornish and Thai styles, gelato, and instant ice cream made with liquid nitrogen.

We'll tell you when to stop scooping.

Expect boozy flavours, and experimental toppings, including one made from... crickets. Yum.

There will be live music and entertainment throughout the day, and hot food and drinks will be available, for when you’ve had your fill of ice cream (pfft).

Slides and Scoops is on Saturday 16 July at Lumpy Hill Adventure Playground, 15 Market Road, N7 9PW. You need to RSVP in advance on the website and entry is a check in on Yelp or £10 donation to the charity Islington Play.

Last Updated 24 June 2016