Londonist Night: Battersea, Commuter Tales and Why You Are Wrong About London

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Londonist Night: Battersea, Commuter Tales and Why You Are Wrong About London

Join Londonist for a night down the pub and some short talks celebrating our city.

Peter Watts tells us of the ruined history of Battersea Power Station, Amy Dicketts not only talks to strangers on the tube but will share some of their secrets with you. Our own Matt Brown explains, excitedly, why everything you think you know about London is wrong. Join us at the Pipeline pub and find out new things about London.

20 July 2016. £5 entry, doors at 7pm. Tickets are £5 plus booking fee.

Peter Watts — The Ruin of London: Battersea Power Station

Peter Watts, author of Up In Smoke: The Failed Dreams Of Battersea Power Station, discusses the history of London's most famous ruin, exploring why the power station is so popular among Londoners, explaining why it has been derelict for more than 30 years and looking ahead to its future as the centrepiece of a luxury development.

Amy Dicketts — Commute Blog: The Secrets of Strangers

For two years on her Commute Blog Amy Dicketts has asked: “Can you tell me something surprising about yourself?"

She says: "I've spent the last two years asking this seemingly simple question to complete strangers on London's tubes. It started as a way to transform a dull commute, but it's slowly transformed the way I see the people around me. From fathers trying to do their best for their children, to doctors trying to do the best for their patients, Londoners are full of untold stories which will inspire, uplift, and most of all surprise. What people choose to tell others about themselves is just as interesting as what they might be leaving unsaid. I'll share some of their stories and reveal how opening yourself up to strangers can open your eyes to a whole new way of seeing the world.”

Matt Brown — Everything You Know About London Is Wrong

London: where the streets are paved with gold, the air is choked with fog, and you're never more than 6ft from a rat. Obviously, none of that is true, at least not of the modern city. But did you know that the Shard isn't the tallest structure in Europe — or even the UK? That there's no evidence of ravens at the Tower before the late 19th century? Or that Guy Fawkes was not (technically) executed? Matt Brown, long-time editor and writer of, debunks some of the myths about London, drawing from his new book Everything You Know About London Is Wrong.

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