Learn How To Get A Good Night's Sleep From An Expert

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Learn How To Get A Good Night's Sleep From An Expert

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What does your mind get up to when you sleep? How can you sleep better? Do dreams actually mean anything?

Uncover the answers to these questions and learn much more about your subconscious with sleep expert, psychologist Professor Richard Wiseman, at a fascinating after-work talk.

Wiseman has spent the last year researching what happens to our brains while we're sleeping, including sleep-learning and dreaming.

Professor Richard Wiseman

Join him to uncover the power of the sleeping mind, revealing how you can get the perfect night’s sleep, decode your dreams, and improve your life without moving a muscle, at this talk, part of the Funzing Sessions.

These events brings in experts, entrepreneurs, radical thinkers and inspirational individuals to broaden your horizons, make your brain tick and introduce you to new ideas. All events take place midweek, in cool locations, with a laid back atmosphere — and sometimes a bar — so you can chat to other people about what you've all just heard.

Funzing Sessions: The Unbelievable Power of Sleep, 21 June, 7pm, the Hoxton in Holborn, tickets £10

Last Updated 15 June 2016