This Mirrored Boat Will Float Down The Thames In September

Tabish Khan
By Tabish Khan Last edited 96 months ago

Last Updated 27 May 2016

This Mirrored Boat Will Float Down The Thames In September
Cyril de Commarque, Rendering for Fluxland, 2016, courtesy of the artist

Keep your eyes peeled in September for this 25ft long boat covered in mirrors, floating down the Thames.

It's the brainchild of artist Cyril de Commarque, a French artist living in London.

The boat will meander along the river over the course of September.

But it's not just an artwork to admire; it will also be playing sounds as it travels. And when it docks, visitors can hop on board and check out below decks.

De Commarque will be holding a conference and talks on board the boat, so that it functions as an area for internal, as well as external, reflection of the London skyline. This gives the artwork an intelligent duality, and based on this rendering we imagine the finished work will be pretty special.

Cyril de Commarque: Fluxland launches on 8 September and more details of its route along the Thames will follow as we get closer to launch date. This event is part of Totally Thames that runs from 1-30 September 2016

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