Voters In Barnet Turned Away From Polls

By Londonist Staff Last edited 34 months ago
Voters In Barnet Turned Away From Polls

In an extraordinary mix-up, some people trying to vote in Barnet this morning have been turned away from polling stations because the electoral registration lists weren't correct.

Some people trying to vote who hadn't brought their polling cards — which you don't actually need to vote — discovered that their names weren't on the list of registered voters, and so couldn't be given a ballot paper.

Barnet Council says it's aware of the problem and is working to get updated lists to all polling stations as soon as possible. It expects the problem to be resolved by 10am.

In the meantime, if you have your polling card with you, you will be able to vote. If not, the advice is to try again later.

Last Updated 05 May 2016