Two Giants Arrive At Marble Arch

By Londonist Staff Last edited 33 months ago
Two Giants Arrive At Marble Arch

Marble Arch has seen its fair share of striking art, and the latest is no exception.

Brothers at Marble Arch
David Breuer-Weil's Brothers, Marble Arch. Photo: Sam Roberts

London artist David Breuer-Weil's new monumental sculpture Brothers depicts the joining together of two separate but connected individuals — in this case, siblings.

The 6m high work is scaled up from an originally much smaller maquette — even the finger prints and marks of the artist have also been scaled up.

Breuer-Weil says: "I want the viewer to see the arch from underneath, to look upwards at this moment of communication because such a connection is a form of hope that we can be understood by ourselves or another person. The image is a physical embodiment of the joining of minds."

Last Updated 12 May 2016