Are These London's Most Boring Stations?

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Are These London's Most Boring Stations?

If you want bells and whistles with your daily commute, don't go via these dull station buildings. No doubt some of you will find our choices controversial — do fight your corner in the comments below.


Lots of brown at Hornchurch. Image: Ewan-M

There's not much pay off for going all the way to zone 6's Hornchurch station.


More functional than flashy at Becontree Station. Image: Sunil060902

The designers of Becontree Underground Station weren't keen on over-glamorising this plain District line offering when it was rebuilt in the 1930s. It is said to be haunted by the ghost of a faceless woman though — so it's not all bad.

Hounslow West

The only buzz here is the low flying planes. Image: Ewan-M

It might be handy for Heathrow, but Hounslow West is pretty uninspiring on the outside. Though it does have a heptagonal ticket hall, which some may find exciting.


We're yawning just looking at this place. Image: CWP Images

It reminds us of a horrible primary school we went to in the 80s, and the sight of this boring building — actually built in 1934 — is unlikely to cheer you up on your way to work, despite the tower on top.

High Barnet

A bit like a toilet block? Image: Ewan Munro

There's nothing high about the low-roofed brick shed that is High Barnet station. It looks a bit like a toilet block but retains some of its original Victorian architecture (apparently).

Hatton Cross

Hatton Cross. Image: Edward Sanderson

There's 50 shades of grey going on at Hatton Cross — and not in a sexy way. If this doesn't make you want to fly somewhere sunny from nearby Heathrow, we don't know what will.

Canons Park

Yellow door trims are the only splashes of colour at Canons Park. Image: Ian Wright

We quite like the red bit on the cashpoint on the Jubliee line's least-used stop. Everything else is making us yawn.

West Ham

We're zoning out just looking at West Ham Station. Image: OliverN5

It's got some trees, which we like, but the rest of West Ham Station is plain boring — despite the slightly sinister glass cage-like structure on the top.

Have we missed out your local snore-inducing station? Let us know in the comments below.

Last Updated 08 May 2016