Boris ‘Reserves Judgement’ On Zac’s Divisive Election Campaign

Andy Thornley
By Andy Thornley Last edited 95 months ago
Boris ‘Reserves Judgement’ On Zac’s Divisive Election Campaign
Boris Johnson
The outgoing Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, opens the East-West Cyclesuperhighway

Boris Johnson has indicated that Zac Goldsmith may be hung out to dry after his campaign to become Mayor of London was widely criticised.

Johnson, speaking at the launch of the East-West Cycle Superhighway in Blackfriars this morning, said:

Let’s reserve our judgements about all that kind of thing until the votes are counted. Let's see what the election results bring and there are only a few hours to go on that.

Goldsmith's campaign, which was accused of racial profiling based on surname, fear-mongering and painting Sadiq Khan as an extremist who associates with terrorist supporters, attracted condemnation from many, including Conservative Leader of the London Assembly, Andrew Boff.

Speaking on Newsnight, Boff said that the campaign had been 'outrageous' and had 'done real damage' to relations with Muslim communities.

The campaign drew further criticism from Tory quarters with life-long conservative voter, Peter Oborne, Associate Editor of the Spectator, pledging to vote Labour for the first time in his life in protest at the tactics employed.

Boris was keen to distance himself from the furore and talk about the cycling infrastructure he has left as his legacy as mayor.

"It's fantastic; I cannot get over the number of people I saw just going north-bound on the new north-south [Cycle Superhighway]. It's absolutely astonishing. In fact there are cycle traffic jams!"

He added that achieving it had been a "big, big bureaucratic, diplomatic political effort to get it done" but it was the "right way forward" and he thanked Londoners for the support.

Last Updated 06 May 2016