Things We Learned In #MuseumWeek2016

Laura Reynolds
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Last Updated 04 April 2016

Things We Learned In #MuseumWeek2016
Grant Museum of Zoology is home to an elephant tusk with a bullet lodged in it.

Last week was #MuseumWeek, when museums, galleries and cultural institutions across the world (and of course, London) went on Twitter to reveal their secrets.

We gave you a heads up on which London venues were worth a follow. If you missed it, here's a quick rundown of some of London's juicier secrets which were revealed.

Charles Dickens wasn't happy when his clock stopped working

And he wrote a letter to let the company which had cleaned it know.

The British Museum was the first national public museum

The British Museum has beehives on its roof

As does the National Portrait Gallery.

The V&A was home to the world's first museum restaurant

The V&A was once used as a canteen for a nearby RAF training college

National Gallery's sculptures were originally designed for Marble Arch

The Bank of England only actually owns two gold bars

Parts of Fulham Palace date back to 1494

Nannie is named after a witch in Robert Burns's poem Tam O Shanter.