Make Your Own London T-Shirt

By Londonist Staff Last edited 33 months ago
Make Your Own London T-Shirt

Do you want to declare your loyalty to Willesden or Cheam? We sell lots of t-shirts in our online shop which are postcode and area-specific — but with so many parts of London we couldn't cover all of them.

People have asked us for certain areas (hello, Catford) but now you can make your own! Choose from your area and postcode, or a "[Your area] is always a good idea" design, then drop the lovely people at More T Vicar a line and let them know what you want emblazoning. You'll get the info on how to email when you order.

T-shirts come in a variety of fits, sizes and colours and cost £15.98 plus shipping. Postcode t-shirts can be ordered here, and area t-shirts can be found here.

Last Updated 11 April 2016