JFK And Jackie Spotted Driving Through Central London

Will Noble
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JFK And Jackie Spotted Driving Through Central London

Eerie scenes in central London today: a replica of the motorcade in which President John F Kennedy was assassinated, in November 1963.

The Lincoln limousine — snapped and tweeted by many baffled onlookers — was occupied by lookalikes of JFK and his wife Jackie, wearing her famous pink suit and hat (no John and Nellie Connally as far as we know).  

— Brain Tracer (@BrainTracer) April 6, 2016

We're not quite sure what it's all about. Certainly we're nowhere near any kind of anniversary of Kennedy's assassination. There's been conjecture it's got something to do with the US elections, but again we've no idea what.

Whoever these people are, we'd suggest they keep well away from the grassy knoll that is Primrose Hill, and any branches of Dallas Chicken & Ribs.

Featured image taken from @braintracer

Last Updated 06 April 2016