Ginder Finds Your Perfect G&T Match

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Ginder Finds Your Perfect G&T Match
This was delicious.

Not all G&Ts are alike. Some are experienced in a dodgy student bar and put the imbiber off for life. Others are transcendent experiences of glasses filled with botanicals and gently effervescing tonic.

To find which combinations of gin and tonic float your boat, head to Bethnal Green this weekend for a 30 minute matchmaking session from A World of Gin. Staff at pop-up 'Ginder' will offer various drinks and garnishes to find your perfect taste — and then you get to drink a large version.

You can find Ginder at Shop 309 on Bethnal Green Road this Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings (15-17 April). Tickets cost £11.74 — book now, there aren't many tickets per session.

(We reckon the name of this event is meant to be a play on Tinder, but several of us in the office read it as Grindr. This may say more about us than you.)

Last Updated 21 July 2016