David Brent Is Cumin (Apparently) In Life On The Road: New Trailer

By Stuart Black Last edited 82 months ago
David Brent Is Cumin (Apparently) In Life On The Road: New Trailer

It's pretty hard to tell the difference between Ricky Gervais and his altar-ego David Brent in this new trailer for Life On The Road, the big screen outing for the clueless manager from BBC TV show The Office.

The manic giggle, the tasteless jokes designed to provoke maximum awkwardness, the only difference — apart from the beard — is that Brent doesn't seem to know where the line is, while Gervais does (though it matters little as both end up on the other side of it).

The film, which has been shot around London, looks mildly amusing, but not too different from the series — we know that Brent is set to follow his dream of being a singer-songwriter but there aren't many details on plot beyond that. There aren't many other names on the cast list yet, though someone does play "shocked audience member" which says it all really.

We hope this flick is just a set-up for a English cringe-com cinematic universe and next we will see an Alan Partridge vs David Brent smackdown. Finger guns at the ready.

Life On The Road is in cinemas from 19 August.

Last Updated 08 April 2016