Bond Brunches: Live And Let Dine

By Stuart Black Last edited 32 months ago
Bond Brunches: Live And Let Dine

"The problem," explains James Bond in Ian Fleming's novel Casino Royale, "is not how to get enough caviar, but how to get enough toast with it." And who could disagree with that?

Fine food has always been one of the suave superspy's fetishes, so Feed Me Film's new Bond Brunches are a nice fit (unlike Daniel Craig’s painfully tight suits). Head to the Hippodrome on weekends this month where you can watch the best of Bond as you quaff appropriately shaken martinis and eat gourmet food — a Quantum of Porridge perhaps? Or a delicious GoldenPie?

You can also play the tables afterwards with a how-to-gamble session included in the ticket price. Here are the films, which take place on either Saturday or Sunday from noon to 3.30pm.

Goldeneye on 16 April
Casino Royale on 24 April
Goldfinger on 30 April

Tickets are £15-£35 and include the film, food, two cocktails and a gambling class.

Last Updated 05 April 2016