Blue Plaque For Blue Movie Star

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Blue Plaque For Blue Movie Star
Mary Millington's Blue plaque | Photo: Simon Sheridan

A blue plaque celebrating the life of London's greatest porn star will be revealed in Soho today.

Mary Millington became a household name in the 1970s, famously starring in the X-rated sex comedy Come Play With Me, which holds a place in movie history as the longest running British film after its four-year run at the Moulin Cinema from 1977.

Millington died in 1979, her suicide following a family bereavement. The plaque will be displayed at the site of the old cinema on Great Windmill Street where Come Play With Me broke box office records.

Mary Millington (right) | Photo copyright: Simon Sheridan

Today's ceremony will be led by the film's producer (and Millington's former lover) David Sullivan, now better known as the owner of West Ham United.

Come Play With Me's surviving cast and crew will also be in attendance, as will Millington's friends and family. Her cousin Susan Quilter says: "She was a big star back in the 1970s and a pioneer in pornography. We are still immensely proud of her, and thrilled she is getting a blue plaque in London’s West End."

The new feature-length documentary, Respectable – The Mary Millington Story, directed by Simon Sheridan at Pinewood Studios, premieres at the Regent Street Cinema immediately after the unveiling.

Today's blue plaque event takes place at 42–44 Great Windmill Street at 5.30pm.

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The quintessential Mary Millington, the embodiment of all things good but she liked a liberated life and to a nanny state that legislated thwarted and punished, Mary was always recalcitrant, pushing the boundaries, she believed in the people having rights,even campaigned for them, rights to view, listen and act but she was just not right for her time.Even Mary I suspect would balk at the adult material freely available today and it was her dream to see porn legalised. Now forty years on since she met David Sullivan,fought legal battles and campaigned for the repeal of the obscene publication act ,stood trial at the Old Bailey for indecency [publishing obscene material for gain] we hear about her life again..

What is it about this girl that has brought about this resurgency of her arduous times in the 1970's, is it a genuine love by these two men Sullivan and Sheridan, I suspect not, just who stands to gain here.A trip down memory lane it certainly is, but is this a trip one Mary would have wanted. I'm sure she would like the plaque, heritage or not, however for a film she pops up in for all of three minutes, would she see this as the sum of her life,,this I doubt, and to be frank looking at the front of this dvd 'Respectable' which brought about this new look at Mary forty odd years on, really I'm not sure Mary would appreciate a picture of Pat Astley on the cover of the dvd 'Respectable 'for that picture has more of a look of Pat from 'Queen of the Blues' [another Sullivan/Millington work] than Mary who was a diminutive 4'11'' where as Pat was a willowy blond and much taller as this picture depicts.

The truth is Mary died a lonely woman, oppressed by a bent police force who claimed protection money for a so called racket that was illegal anyway, they threatened her and cajoled her as did the 'Revenue' who wanted taxes from Mary for something she did that was actually viewed and legislated upon and could be punished with prison and as such was non taxable, such as publishing obscene articles for gain

Mary Millington died of hypostatic pneumonia brought on by an overdose of anti depressants[Anafranil] paracetamol and alcohol, proof is available from her death certificate that indicates 'suicide'Mary remained married until her dying day, she was buried next to her mother whom she doted on,it is said that Mary got involved in porn to pay for the cancer care her mother desperately needed.

I think Sheridan and Sullivan could well have eschewed this jaunt back to the past and I am not at all sure[as they seem to be] that dear Mary would thank them for it, but who am I to even venture this thought, well in times past Mary was a pioneer, someone who brought forth the right to view, read and act whatever they wanted too . I have followed her life and her death from afar .Where are we now then,with this story of a small town girl who made it big with the help of Sullivan, a plaque in her memory and a whole load of unsubstantiated claims.-Fact Mary died leaving just 22k to her husband, fact Mary had no real estate, she did not own her home, forcertainly there is no mention of owning her home,proof is in her last will and testament available to anyone for a tenner who applies on- line to the Govt. org.

Mary Ruth Maxted nee Quilter a quite wonderful self deprecating young woman at her prime hounded to death by the establishment,the police and Revenue should have held their heads in shame.