Benedict Cumberbatch In Action As Superhero Doctor Strange

By Stuart Black Last edited 82 months ago
Benedict Cumberbatch In Action As Superhero Doctor Strange

It is now obligatory for every actor to slum it as a superhero at some point — so here’s Cumbo, fresh from Hamlet, in action as Doctor Strange.

It’s yet another project from Marvel (they aren’t really films anymore) due out at the end of the year that’s aiming to be a bit weirder than the usual shiny smash-em-ups.

It explores alternate dimensions and mind trips and though it may look like a bit like high class panto, according to director Scott Derrickson: "Benedict has got an incredibly complicated emotional structure going on." OK.

The film also features fellow London thesps Chiwetel Ejiofor and Tilda Swinton in the roles of (drum roll) Baron Mordo! and The Ancient One! (does Swinton's get-up count as yellowface, we wonder?). Meanwhile Benedict Wong gets off lightly playing a character called, um, Wong.

The movie will dip into Doctor Strange’s origin story — what drove him to become a souped-up sorcerer with giant lapels and a goatee. We think we’ve uncovered a crucial chunk of that backstory, as you can see here:

Doctor Strange is released on 28 October.

Last Updated 13 April 2016