Turn Your Hobby Into Cash: 8 London Success Stories

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Turn Your Hobby Into Cash: 8 London Success Stories

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From graffiti to baker, become a Funzing host today and turn your hobby into cash.

Really passionate about your hobby? Love to cure meat in a traditional way? Do your own guided tours? Sew fashion from scratch? These are just some of the skills Londoners are sharing on Funzing right now.

Funzing is a vibrant online community that helps you make extra money from revealing your tricks of the trade. Registering to be a Funzing host is completely free and doesn't require any marketing or business experience ā€” just a passion for your talent or hobby and a desire to share it with others.

We've picked some of London's most successful Funzing hosts to find out how they started making cash from their hobbies.

Lucy: sourdough bread making

She's been baking ever since she can remember, so it was a natural step for Lucy to share her dough knowledge with the Funzing community. After a stint as an Airbnb host, she wanted to create events that were all about bringing people together through baking. She's joined Funzing to raise money for charity and loves the fact that all the promo for her events was taken care of by the website, saying:

Funzing's been great at providing the promotional and marketing material and it's made such a difference not having to have my own website.

Find out more about Lucy's super sourdough experience.

Vinicius: pottery

With a family background in art, Vini's been spinning ceramics on the potter's wheel for many years. He got involved after being approached by Funzing and has loved it ever since. He especially loves how his workshop brings people together:

The fact that this gives me the opportunity to get a bit of a profit is great. But what I mostly love about the whole thing is the way total strangers leave the workshop together, chatting.

Find out more about Vinicius' pottery experience.

Naz: natural beauty products

Bored with her previous corporate job, Naz was inspired to turn her hobby into cash after making 300 candles for her sister's wedding. She chose Funzing as she wanted to join something that's everywhere and loved the idea of motivating people through her natural beauty product workshops. Her favourite thing about using Funzing is:

I love watching the energy and enthusiasm of everyone while they make their own beauty products.

Find out more about Naz's beauty products experience.

Ranjeet: fresh curry at home

Ranjeet's friends encouraged her to teach cooking after being impressed with her delicious dishes. She loved the whole idea of Funzing, saying she was "sold on the first browse" as she loved many of the other experiences too. We asked her how she feels about making money out of it:

It feels great because I don't think of it as work. I do this as downtime from my day job. When I cook, my brain relaxes and the aromas make me happy... spices do that!

Find out more about Ranjeet's curry experience.

Keiko: the art of sushi

Cooking runs in Keiko's family, but it wasn't until 10 years ago that she really discovered her passion. She trained with various chefs in her native Japan and after encouragement from Yaron at Funzing, took the opportunity to join and share her talent with others. She tells us a bit more about her own, personal journey into cooking:

About 10 years ago I was teaching Japanese in Australia, also working as a graphic designer and had passion for cooking as my grandfather was a chef. When I happened to discover a way to connect those three as a sushi instructor, I understood the meaning of my long journey!

Find out more about Keiko's sushi experience.

Kyle: tea brewing

Kyle is properly tea-obsessed: after studying the art of the tea ceremony in Japan, and holding regular tea parties in his house, he decided it was time to take things a step further. Funzing approached him on Twitter just after he started to run his own tea studio and he grabbed the opportunity. As Kyle says:

It's great to think that Iā€™m doing something I enjoy and would do anyway for friends, but now I get to meet new people and share my interest even further, as well as the potential to make money from it.

Find out more about Kyle's tea experience.

Danny: graffiti & street art

Danny discovered his passion for art from a young age and has been doing it ever since. Funzing seemed a natural platform for him to share his knowledge with others. Here's what he enjoys the most about being a host:

I really enjoy teaching and working with people of all ages and capabilities.

Find out more about Danny's graffiti experience.

Anoushka: moonlight meditation

Anoushka started to feel attracted by spiritual practices and meditation over the past two years. She decided to join Funzing because she felt they could really help her share this unusual hobby with a bigger audience. Anoushka says that being a host is great because:

There is no better feeling than sharing what you love with others, and having a revenue stream from it also.

Find out more about Anoushka's experience.

Feeling inspired to share your hobby, professional skill or talent? You can become a host and promote your own event on Funzing ā€” find out more on their website.

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Last Updated 15 March 2016