You're Doing Your Transport Delay All Wrong

Tabish Khan
By Tabish Khan Last edited 27 months ago
You're Doing Your Transport Delay All Wrong
This train seems to be running fine, but that's not always the case, especially at rush hour. Photo by Matt Buck from the Londonist Flickr pool.

The train is running late ... again. You express your annoyance by sighing loudly and glancing around irritatedly.

This happens every day, you mutter to no-one in particular, before firing off a furious/irony-laden tweet to the train operator.  

By the time you're in work your stress levels are at the red line, and you bring the whole office down with your venting.

Let me tell you: YOU'RE DOING IT ALL WRONG.

What's the alternative?

Stop stressing.

Fire off an email/text to your boss about the delay (most people commute, so they'll understand), then recline, safe in the knowledge you have an extra 20 minutes/30 minutes/hour/whatever. Carpe diem! Read an extra few chapters in your book, listen to a new album or finish off the Londonist podcast.

Huffing and puffing doesn't get you to your destination any faster (unless your destination is a stress-induced heart attack). If it did, then all London buses, trains and the tube would run at supersonic speeds.

Resolve to make the most of that time.

Hell, why not even use it as a chance to NOT hurry to the office? When you finally get off your anger-filled carriage take the long walk to your desk — seek out a part of the city you've not seen yet.

Then breeze into work, apologise for being late, and crack on with your day.

Last Updated 25 October 2016

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