See The New Batmobile In Leicester Square This Weekend

By Stuart Black Last edited 37 months ago
See The New Batmobile In Leicester Square This Weekend
Is it a car? Yes.
Taken from behind.
You'll need a can-opener to get in according to experts (well Dave from Kwik Fit)
Inside you can just about see the purple crushed velvet interior that new Batman Ben Affleck insisted on.
Real facts? Ok then: it's 21ft long by 11ft wide and 3500kg. Golly.

We've been positively starved of superhero films over the last few years, so it's good to hear there's a double-whammy next month in the form of Batman v Superman.

Apparently, the plot revolves around the two fighting for the very last pair of underpants in M&S for them to wear over their tights (sounds suitably gripping, non?). Insiders say that Supes manages to get the knickers on first but then The Bat gives him a massive wedgy during the nail-biting climax. We absolutely cannot wait.

You can get in the mood to watch this holy dual of destiny by pushing your nose up against the glass of the Leicester Square Odeon to see the latest version of the Batmobile which is parked there next to the popcorn over the weekend.

Complete with wheels, doors, a stereo and handy cigarette lighter, expect also to witness supervillains Jeremy Clarkson and Chris Evans wrestling in the foyer so they can get the first selfie with this mean machine. Vrooom!

See the trailer here, in which Jeremy Irons sounds drunk and Ben Affleck brings serious method smugness.

Last Updated 20 February 2016

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