Hackney Homeless Get Their Own Currency

By Victoria Thomas Last edited 36 months ago
Hackney Homeless Get Their Own Currency
Hackney's new currency, featuring a design by Stik

Hackney's got a new currency and it features work by a world-famous graffiti artist from London.

The new note (above) is for residents of St Mungo's hostel for homeless people. The 'time credit notes' — featuring artwork by Stik — are earned for volunteer work.

Residents of the Mare Street hostel can redeem their notes — part of a nationwide scheme — at over 700 venues, on community, cultural or leisure activities, including the Tower Of London and Alexandra Palace.

Graffiti artist, Stik, with the currency he designed for Spice and its CEO, Becky Booth

Known worldwide for his images of stick people,  Stik got involved in the scheme due to his past experience of homelessness, and the fact he lived at St Mungo's a few years ago, finding the staff to be supportive of his street art passion.

His image of stick people hugging featured on the Hackney note represents "time spent with loved ones in times of struggle.”

Said Becky Booth, CEO of Spice, the enterprise behind the time credits: "Everyone wakes up with the same amount of time. We want to harness people’s experience and skills to shape their own community.

"It gives an opportunity for residents to be active citizens of the community, not passive recipients of welfare."

St Mungo's residents have already taken up the project with enthusiasm, volunteering for over 100 hours of community work.

Last Updated 26 February 2016

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