Behold The Latest Face Of Jack The Ripper

By Stuart Black Last edited 100 months ago

Last Updated 19 February 2016

Behold The Latest Face Of Jack The Ripper
The face of fear: Josh Bowman is Jack the Ripper and Freddie Stroma will be H.G. Wells in ABC's Time After Time.

There’s absolutely nothing tasteless about upcoming American TV series Time After Time, which centres around a time-travelling Jack the Ripper. Pitched perhaps as a cross between From Hell and Quantum Leap, the show will see H.G. Wells hot on the trail of the infamous serial killer, who's nabbed the writer's time machine to escape to the present day.

We really aren’t making this up — and surprisingly the idea is based on a novel of the same name which was previously adapted for the screen in 1979 and starred those twin kings of best forgotten B-pictures Malcolm McDowell and David Warner.

For those who ever wondered what the Victorian murderer looked like, we can reveal here that the Hollywood idea is basically a common or garden male model, here going by the name of Josh Bowman (no, us neither). Wells is being played by equally dishsome hunk Freddie Stroma (the Harry Potters) in a series that we will mostly be avoiding.