The Garden Bridge... Brought To You By Sky

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 29 months ago
The Garden Bridge... Brought To You By Sky

Hey London, how do you feel about a major span across the Thames being corporately sponsored? Because that's what's going to happen with the Garden Bridge.

It's just been announced that Sky, the media behemoth owned by Rupert Murdoch, has given an undisclosed amount to the Garden Bridge Trust. But this is no altruistic gesture: one of the gardens on the bridge "will be named by Sky".

There is a growing list of concerns about what's billed by some as London's biggest vanity project: the bridge won't be open between midnight and 6am, and will be closed several days a year for fundraising parties. People will have to queue at busy times. Projected 'visitor numbers' suggest the already busy South Bank will be further clogged up. A lot of public money has been poured into it. Those on the bridge will be tracked by their mobile phones.

And now it's going to be named after the people who brought you Got To Dance.

The Garden Bridge Trust London’s maintains the bridge will be "a stunning new public garden and pedestrian crossing", creating a "vital link" between north and south London.

What are your thoughts: should Sky get dibs on naming part of a bridge partially funded by the public? Was it a joke to think that the Garden Bridge was ever a genuinely 'public space'?

Last Updated 13 January 2016

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Alastair Rae

London is for sale to the highest bidder. The Shard showed that you can do what the heck you like here if you're rich enough. No other city in Europe would have allowed it.

Will Jennings

not if it's being closed at night and for days through the year. I was advised by one of the contractors that it would be too busy to use and I will likely be better off using Waterloo bridge which is right next to it. I can only imagine commuters will carry on using Waterloo bridge to avoid the steps, queue and private security checks to cross the Garden Bridge.

Repeatedly the Garden Bridge Trust have said they would not sell "naming rights". Yet again they appear to be lying.

As a reminder, don't be fooled into thinking that something green in colour is 'green'. This is terrible for the environment; 1000s of tonnes of concrete to block historic views and build on existing (public!) greenspace. The carbon will never be paid back, it won't increase walkability as it is purely a tourist attraction for selfies and advertising opps. Green orgs and the Green Party deeply oppose the development.


Just when I thought I couldn't hate it more...


Rupert Murdoch doesn't own Sky. Just sayin'.


That thing should be canned.

Beth Williams

If the garden bridge can be paid for and maintained by subscriptions from either the general public or industry then let's build it. The problem is when the taxpayer is required to support this trophy project.


So Londonist has made an editorial choice to be anti Garden bridge, then? It's certainly polarised people, so interesting they've come down on this side.

But anyway, I thought the point was that it would be majority private donations, therefore lessening the burden on the taxpayer, which is why TfL really got behind it. As long as there's nothing garish about it (e.g. large flashing logos) and the corporate sponsorship is discreet, then it'll be okay.

Fred Smith

If its done right, I expect people may end up loving it and it could be a unique addition to the city, but .. priorities.

Jon Millwood

The COCA-COLA London Eye (previously the British Airways London Eye and the EDF Lomdon Eye) didn't need public funding so why should the Sky Garden Bridge.

Greg Wesson


David E

The Garden Bridge*

*It's not a garden
*It's not a bridge.


Even if it was fully funded and an amazing design, without it being a public right of way open 24 hours it's establishing a bad precedent for a river crossing.

Anna McKane

Let's all keep working on the campaign to stop the bridge.....this latest news about sponsorship just shows what a dreadful idea this is....


Rupert Murdoch does not own Sky. But I think you're just dangling his name in their to imply some evil scheme, as you clearly don't like the bridge at Londonist.

Sky is a plc, about 35% of which is owned by Fox. And Fox itself is a NASDAQ listed public company.


The only mayoral candidate to oppose it is seems to be Sian Berry, from the Greens.


Projects like this one will always be good for London, also for a lot of people, it doesn't really matter who is getting money out of it as far as it runs free for pedestrians most of the days. Who cares, just make it happen!!!


I had thought this bridge still might still be stopped! This type of announcement only exemplifies why!!!

Tube Geek

The 'At The Races Shrubbery'. I like the idea of that!

Frank Opinions

Boris Johnson. Almost as much of a knob as those stupid enough to vote for him, twice.