7,500 People Slept Rough In London In 2015

Rachel Holdsworth
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7,500 People Slept Rough In London In 2015
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7,500 people slept rough on London's streets in 2015, according to figures seen by the Guardian.

The paper also claims this represents a doubling in the number of people sleeping rough over the last five years — 3,673 slept rough in the financial year 2009-10 — but Londonist readers will remember there was a change between 2011 and 2012 in how efficiently homelessness organisations logged people they were seeing on the streets. (More information here: TLDR takeaway is that a jump in people recorded sleeping rough around this date didn't necessarily mean more people, perhaps it was that they were being recorded for the first time.)

It's more accurate to compare recent years: between 2012 and 2014, the numbers of London rough sleepers were relatively stable at around 6,500. In 2014-15, that figure rose to 7,581. If 7,500 people slept rough in the calendar year 2015, it suggests that the issue hasn't been dealt with and we can expect 2015-16's figures to still be high.

Homelessness charity St Mungo's Broadway, which compiles the figures, points the finger of blame at the housing crisis: lack of genuinely affordable housing, cuts to council funding and housing benefits. There's also a problem with people from central and eastern Europe finding themselves on the streets after work dries up or they're ditched by unscrupulous employers.

St Mungo's chief executive Howard Sinclair said

Worryingly… the number of people who’ve previously slept rough and are returning to the streets is rising. We need to ask what more can be done for these people, what gaps need to be filled to prevent repeat homelessness.

The Mayor's charity No Second Night Out works to quickly identify new rough sleepers and get them into help as soon as possible, but the longer someone stays on the street — or can't access the help to keep them housed long-term — the more entrenched they become. Howard Sinclair is right to call the trend for people returning to sleeping rough "worrying".

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Andreas Alexiou

I met a rough sleeper in Hagerston Park. He always is there during the days. We talk sometimes. I want to help him. What type of charity should I look for? I'm not sure if he has a home, it doesn't look like he has one.

Greg Tingey

Until about 1983-4 there were very very few rough sleepers in London - they started to appear after the Madwoman had been in power for a year or two. ( Before then there might have been 1-200 of them, who wanted to be like that, I think )
Now, they seem to be a fixture & no government or local authority seems to be willing or able to do anyhting constructive to help these people - why not?


As worrying as it is, London is still noticeably better than Rome as far as panhandling and rough sleepers, and a whole universe better than New York where they are everywhere. London may be far from perfect in solving this problem but I wish the mayors of big US cities would copy whatever you're doing right.


Thanks. You are right. It is all in the way that you record our figures that lead to higher numbers, and then higher salaries for 'charities'.

The MPs & Lords are too gaga to realise that the 'charities' are leading them by the nose, to ensure their own very lucrative income.

The Lords debate, yesterday, demonstrated the level of thought and 'leading' that is done to avoid helping us.

Baroness Grender Liberal Democrat 2:57 pm, 11th January 2016:

To ask Her Majesty’s Government what steps they are taking to reduce the number of people who are 'sleeping rough'.

Baroness Williams of Trafford The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government:

My Lords, the Government remain committed to protecting the most vulnerable in society. That is why we are maintaining 'homeless' funding.

No-one noticed the slight of hand, and quick switch from 'sleeping rough' to 'homeless'! And the discussion was then hijacked and continued on this vein.

And this is what the 'charities' have been doing for years.

‘Homeless’ & ‘RoughSleepers’, are not the same thing!

‘Homeless’ is a 'bulked up' number to aid the ‘Homeless’ 'charities to get more money on our backs

A ‘Homeless’ charity collects money for the ‘Homeless’.

A ‘RoughSleeping’ charity collects money for the ‘RoughSleepers’.

There is a world of difference, in meaning, and hardship, of ‘Homeless’ & ‘RoughSleeping’.

They are 2 distinct groups, with a 00.08% of ‘Homeless’ overlap of the 2 groups.

100% of ‘RoughSleepers’ sleep outdoors.

99.02% of ‘Homeless’ sleep in a house already.

Very few, ie. 00.08% of ‘Homeless’ sleep outdoors, and are therefore both ‘RoughSleepers’ and ‘Homeless’.

To put this into context, if you were to meet one new ‘Homeless’ every week of your life, it would take 24 years to meet one that was a genuine 'RoughSleeper’!

If you are F&F of some of these ‘Homeless’ charities, you will know that to claim ‘Homeless’, you only have to claim that you slept on your wife’sgirlfriend’sparentsfriendsaccomplice’s settee for one night, and are now eligible for all kinds of freebies, including having a get out of worksearch obligations, council tax, free food from the F&F ‘charities’. Not all ‘Homeless’ are genuine, many are on this bandwagon.

F&F businesses!

Most ‘Homeless’, get benefits, and foodbank food. Many F&F chose this life for symbiotic advantage from the swarm of phoney ‘Homeless’ charities to support them.

The word ‘Homeless’ has been abused to make money, both sides, and has now lost all respect.

Most ‘RoughSleepers’, get no benefits, and are not allowed foodbank food, don’t have money to spend, and don't get the 'charity' Freebies, etc, there is very little support for this group.

Many ‘charities’ describe, in their Xmas news-adverts, the hardship, and early death, of ‘RoughSleeping’, to get emotional response, and money, from the public, and then slip-in the numbers, and statistic juggling, of ‘Homeless’, and hope that you didn’t notice their quick switch, and slight of hand.

For every 1 ‘RoughSleeper’, there are now 1200 symbiotic F&F ‘Homeless’ in a house that they claim that they are not happy with for whatever reason that they can make up.

This is numbers bulking.

‘RoughSleeping’ is a totally different hardship than ‘Homeless’, but will get none of the freebies available to F&F of ‘charities’.

‘RoughSleepers’, are the ones that would benefit more than the ‘Homeless’ from the food, clothes, help, especially the ones that can’t claim benefits & food.

We will never get a solution to help ‘RoughSleepers’, while-ever it is an advantage to bulk up the numbers, and keep us, the small number of ‘RoughSleepers’, here.

Cont ......

...... Cont

We get left on the streets to make more emotion & money from the public, and our deaths there, are an added bonus, for more of both.

‘RoughSleepers’ want more in life than to be: “‘Signposted’ to somewhere else”, pay, daily, for a ‘charity’ run, ‘kip’ in a filthy, bug ridden, ’dosshouse’, overnight, and kicked out, into the weather, in the morning, and, kept in this status quo to ensure an income for a ‘charity’.

‘RoughSleepers’ want their lives back.

‘RoughSleepers’ want their homes back.

To the public, I would advise:

Before, giving money to any ‘charity’ that claims to do something for us, and asks for your money, walk up to any ‘RoughSleeper’, in any town, in any county, and ask a very simple question:

“Has this ‘charity’ ‘ever’ helped you, or any other RoughSleeper that you know, or given you, or them, anything to eat, any day, any week, any year, any decade”.

From this answer, make an informed decision of whether to give to this ‘charity’, or to give food direct to the needy.

No money!

This sorts out both sides that sponge on backs.

The trickle down to the poor theory, from ‘Homeless charities’ that make lots of Xmas salary money on our backs, does not work.

When you see the word ‘Homeless’, suspect a rat.

Get rid of the money, get rid of the fraud on our backs, and next year they will be more honest, or gone, because you have hit their pockets.

At this time of year, the truth matters more than PC, for peoples lives.

Thankyou on behalf of all genuine ‘RoughSleepers’.

(9.1464 x 10K hours expertise, Boots on the ground, 3811 Days, @ 1.4747 penceday) @ http:tinyurl.como7du4sk