In Pictures: The Penguins Of London

Laura Reynolds
By Laura Reynolds Last edited 19 months ago
In Pictures: The Penguins Of London
Ricky the Rockhopper Penguin at London Zoo. Photo: Mac Spud (2011)

In 2016, we gathered together these photos for Penguin Awareness Day, when people are encouraged to learn a little more about the different species of penguin and the threats they face.

Normally we'd be worried to see penguins around these parts, as they're native to the Southern Hemisphere, but we've done a little digging around and found London's exceptions to the rule.

NB. Penguin Awareness Day is different to World Penguin Day. We're not sure how it differs exactly, but it does.

Humboldt penguins at Penguin Beach at London Zoo. Penguin Beach opened in 2011 to replace the old penguin pool, which still stands empty today, as it is a listed structure. Photo: Laura Kate (2011)
Another Humboldt penguin at London Zoo. Photo: Mac Spud (2014)
P-p-p-pick up a penguin skate aid at Somerset House ice rink. This got us thinking; where do the plastic penguins (and seals) seen at ice rinks across the country at Christmas live for the rest of the year? Photo: Sabine Thöle (2011)
Penguin art at the Prince Albert Pub in Notting Hill. Photo: Stephanie Sadler (2010)
Penguin art on Regent's Canal near London Zoo. Photo: HoosierSands (2014)
International Pillow Fight Day in Trafalgar Square. Photo: Dixon1919 (2012)
"Don't feed the penguins after midnight" street art in Blackall Street, Shoreditch. Photo: Graham C99 (2009)
A different type of penguin. This was spotted in Shoreditch, presumably as promotion for the book publisher. Photo: Wyn Giley (2006)
Penguin sculpture outside the LSE bookshop. Photo: secretlondon123 (2010)

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