London News Roundup: More People Who Hate The Paddington Pole

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 27 months ago
London News Roundup: More People Who Hate The Paddington Pole
Does anybody love the Paddington Pole?

Last Updated 24 January 2016

Eddie O'Reilly

Someone has just sent me this article published in the Independent's Business section on the 16th of January 2016.

Blackhurst, its author simply doesn't know this area of Paddington, or
chooses to ignore its key features, otherwise he would not choose to
paint such a dark image of a run down and dilapidated area. I grant that
immediately around Paddington Station it is badly in need of a
facelift. However, the station is but a stone's throw from the lovely
terraces and gardens of the Hyde Park Estate. It is also even closer to
the Grand Union Canal and the recently regenerated Paddington Central
development, which has lovely shops and restaurants. I attended a
residents' association meeting last Tuesday at a charming pub on the
Hyde Park Estate together with many of its residents. ErvIn Sayers
attended that meeting with his design team. After a few minutes
observation I likened him to Alan Sugar in the act of being scornful to
his apprentices.The residents were deeply offended by the negativity of
ErvIn Sayers previous statements to the press that this area of
Paddington is full of "prostitutes and pickpockets...." A spokesperson
for the South East Bayswater Residents Association SEBRA retorted
angerly to these misrepresentations. At that point Ervin Sayers started
to twitch uncomfortably to the questions being fired at him and his
team. Mr Sayers probably didn't sleep very well that night at the
prospect of loosing a grip on his spin doctoring. He even had a team of
canvassers out the on the concourse of Paddington Station the very next
day distributing flyers designed to persuade commuters into signing a
petition favouring his development proposals. The area around Paddington
Station is truely in need of regeneration and is the victim of
underinvestment for many decades and needs a sensible plan for
regeneration. However, Chris Blackhurst is just perpetuating the spin
and obviously doesn't care about the people who have to live below the
shiny glass tower where he wants to wine and dine in luxury surroundings
while we have to live under the shadow of this planning nightmare.