Friday Photos: Flyovers

By Victoria Thomas Last edited 28 months ago
Friday Photos: Flyovers

The concrete bridges running through the city aren't the first thing that springs to mind when you think 'photogenic'. But we've found plenty of beautiful shots of flyovers to die(over) for. Here are the best pictures from our Flickr pool.

LFaure Photography caught a Thamesmead flyover looking its best.

Shades of blue and grey from Sarah Mulvey near Canary Wharf.

This picture from Chris Guy shows the concrete underside of the Hammersmith Flyover.

We hope these cones aren't a drunken prank: Andy Worthington's shot of an Olympic bus on Bow Flyover.

A peek through the maze of the Westway, caught by Compound Eye.

John Quintero snapped the Westway at its most colourful.

The Westway and Union Canal in black and white tranquility by Rob Rogers.

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Mike Paterson

Great piece, nice photos. I think flyovers are seen as great concrete lumps, but actually under-appreciated and not properly assessed aesthetically. Ian Nairn wrote very warmly of Hammersmith Flyover, although this was in 1966 when the modern flyover in London was just a few years into being. London's first flyover, it can be argued, is Holborn Viaduct.