Watch A Film About London's Beer Scene, In A London Brewery

Will Noble
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Watch A Film About London's Beer Scene, In A London Brewery

Boasting the ilk of Kernel, Five Points and Beavertown, London's beer scene is a star-studded galaxy, and it was only a matter of time before they made a whole film about it. That film is now here — a 30-minute documentary released next month, which will eschew the cinema, instead being screened in some of the city's breweries, pubs and bottle shops.

Original Gravity — the work of hop heads Kevin Karaca and Tony Manola — is the first documentary to be made on London's thriving micro-brewing scene, and looks at the city's sea change in the way it makes beer over the past decade or so. Among those who feature in Original Gravity are Kernel's Evin O’Riordain, Logan Plant from Beavertown and beer know-all Pete Brown.

This is the first of a two-part documentary — the second half expected to be released at a later date. Considering the rate at which London's beer scene is moving, it's not a bad idea to allow some breathing space.

Watch the film with pint in hand at one of the following venues:

Tickets will be available through the Original Gravity website.

Last Updated 12 January 2016

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