Coming Soon: Bananaman The Musical

By Stuart Black Last edited 36 months ago
Coming Soon: Bananaman The Musical

As far as we are concerned, Iron Man can rust in hell, while Superman and Batman get their homoerotic smackdown on in private — because we’ve just heard that BANANAMAN is coming to the London stage.

Readers of a certain age will now be foaming at the mouth as they start to recall the teatime cartoon’s spine-tingling intro: “This is 29 Acacia Road and this is Eric Wimp, a schoolboy who leads an amazing double life...”

For everyone else, here’s the first ever episode so you can understand:

Voiced by The Goodies (Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graeme Garden and Bill Oddie) and featuring ix-cellent supervillains Doctor Gloom and General Blight, the cartoon ran from 1983-1986 on the BBC. The character dates even further back however having appeared in kids comics The Beano, The Dandy and Nutty, where he started back in 1980.

We are yet to hear confirmation of which theatre or when exactly the show will open, but we do know the director will be veteran Fred Perry (The Famous Five, Cinderella: Boom or Bust!) and the writer-composer will be Leon Parris (Wolfboy, Stig).

Now, can someone pleeeeease promise us that SuperTed is next on the list?!

Last Updated 13 January 2016