5 Reasons To Download The Dating App Once

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5 Reasons To Download The Dating App Once

This is a sponsored article on behalf of Once.

Let 2016 be the year you find someone special with Once — here are five reasons you should download this clever little app right now.

1. One match per day

Dating is overwhelming enough without a constant stream of options. Once delivers you just one carefully-chosen match per day. Say goodbye to endless small talk and hello to one handpicked person.

2. Dating with a human touch

Algorithms are all well and good, but are they enough to figure out your ideal other half? Once think not, which is why they have a team of real human matchmakers on the case to find your someone special.

3. Swap 'matching' for messaging

Clicking or swiping does not a meaningful match make. Instead, Once connects you with someone once you've actually had a conversation, bringing online dating much closer to the offline version.

4. Improve your chances

Proving that quality trumps quantity yet again, Once boasts an enviable 62% connection rate. So you don't have to wade through an endless barrage of likes, nudges, winks and whatnots for dating success.

5. Preserve your privacy

That cringe moment where you match with a Facebook friend? Gone! Once screens profiles to make sure you don't get seen by old school friends, distant acquaintances or work colleagues. Phew.

Find your ideal date with Once — download the app now for free.

Last Updated 18 January 2016