Tickets To The Crystal Maze Are On Sale Now

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Tickets To The Crystal Maze Are On Sale Now
Is this how the Aztec Zone might look, when the Crystal Maze comes to London?

Start the fans — tickets are on sale now for the Crystal Maze, which opens in London on 15 March.

Having raised over £900,000 through crowdfunding, organisers have secured a 30,000ft site in north London and will spend the coming months building the sets.

Although priority is being given to people who backed the crowdfunding campaign, early demand for tickets crashed the company's website.

Four teams of eight will be permitted to enter the maze at any one time. The Crystal Dome is the first port of call and there’s the opportunity to zip up your jumpsuit, size up your opposition and drop some crafty banana skins before getting started.

The teams will be guided through each zone — Aztec, Medieval, Industrial and Futuristic — by their own personal Maze Master (hopefully in an leopard print jacket), competing in games designed to challenge intelligence, skill and physical ability. If you let your team down by failing a challenge you’ll be locked-in. Maybe forever. And probably outcast from society, as you justly deserve.

Crystals collected (or not), the teams will meet up again to face the Crystal Dome. We're told the entire experience should last for around 1 hour 45 minutes.

Organisers told us they're involved with the former maze master himself Richard O’Brien, to “make sure they create an original and truly authentic and immersive Crystal Maze experience”.

Last Updated 01 December 2015