How Not To Be Selfish This Christmas

By Stuart Black Last edited 79 months ago
How Not To Be Selfish This Christmas

As Geldof and Ure once said: “in our world of plenty we can spread a smile of joy” and so today we feel compelled to share this powerful London Short by filmmaker Tom Bryan which rams home that same seasonal message. We’ll let his film speak for itself:

Bryan’s plea for us all to Feed A Freelancer comes out of bitter personal experience: “In my first year freelancing in London it came to the Christmas period and my non-freelancer friends were talking about their work Christmas meals. It suddenly dawned on me that for the first time in my professional life, I wasn't going to get invited to the customary, free Christmas dinner paid for by work!”

It’s a message we can all surely get behind. So do what you can please, locate your nearest freelancer and make them feel special. Or else Santa won’t come.

Bryan’s film was shot around Carnaby Street and at the Tower Tandoori restaurant in London Bridge, site of many Christmas shindigs, but sadly few that involve freelancers.

Bryan is from Hackney and says: “I find London hugely inspiring. I usually cycle most places and enjoy discovering new gems around the city. You see so much more by bike than you would sticking to the public transport routes.”

You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram here.

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Last Updated 14 December 2015