What The Monopoly Board Looks Like With Today's London Rental Prices

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What The Monopoly Board Looks Like With Today's London Rental Prices

Mayfair may have always been a steal on the Monopoly board; you can't argue with £400 for the entire area. But what if the famous game of capitalism featured actual rental prices — how much would you be forking out then?

On the 80th anniversary of the tiff-inducing board game, Weroom has produced a Monopoly board that compares the original prices on the board to the average monthly fee for renting a room in that area. The results are not pretty. A single room in Mayfair will now set you back £1,549 a month (you could stay there for a measly eight days with your £400).

The story is worse in Oxford Street, where an average month's room rent is £1,850 (meaning you could only afford a room for five days here for the Monopoly price of £300).

Even the 'joke' areas of Old Kent Road and Whitechapel (£60 a pop on the board) are no longer a laughing matter. On average a room in Old Kent Road costs £815 a month (with your £60 you could stay there for two days before being turfed out), and £950 a month in Whitechapel Road.

Here's the board: what can you afford? Us neither.

Last Updated 18 November 2015

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Why compare the true monthly rents with the purchase price of the monopoly board? Why not compare like for like?

Andy Brice

Interestingly the whole point of the game Monopoly was originally to demonstrate how a few landlords will inevitably end up monopolising land unless you tax it appropriately.

And I'd say taxing land makes a lot more sense than taxing things like income.


I don't see how the average room on the old kent road can be so much?


"Here's the board: what can you afford? Us neither."

£618 is hardly a millionaire's ransom. And so no one at Londonist actually lives in London? That puts a different complexion on things...


What's second prize in a beauty contest worth these days?