The Truth Behind Guy Fawkes Night

By Stuart Black Last edited 36 months ago
The Truth Behind Guy Fawkes Night

(click on the vimeo sign far right to, um, blow up)

Think you know the story of gunpowder, treason and plot that led to us remembering, remembering the fifth of November? This London Short will make you think again.

The Plotters by the Guerrier Brothers has more than a hint of Blackadder as a gaggle of Catholic conspirators come together in a pub basement near Parliament to decide which wise guy should light the fuse that will blow up the king.

Director Thomas Guerrier says the film came together quickly, so a short sharp script made sense: "We made The Plotters for a film competition... We had absolutely no money and very little time to make it so I was delighted when the writers came up with a period piece, involving seven actors, costumes, make-up, beards, wigs and props."

And if that's got you in the mood for some pyromania, we recommend this film about two villages that hold Rocket Wars every year.

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Last Updated 05 November 2015