Row Over Sutton £1m Discount Property Deal

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Row Over Sutton £1m Discount Property Deal
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Tricky times for Tom Brake, London’s last remaining Liberal Democrat MP, who together with his party colleagues running the council in Sutton have got themselves into a row over suggestions that a landmark public building is being handed over for around £1m less than its true market value.

Sutton’s Lib Dems have agreed a favourable deal with EcoLocal for The Lodge — the charity's home. Brake, the MP for Carshalton and Wallington, is a trustee of EcoLocal, a not-for-profit in which he has no pecuniary interest.

EcoLocal will pay Sutton council £600,000 for a 125-year lease for the building, which has been valued as worth up to £1.7 million on the rapidly rising London property market.

The charity plans to redevelop The Lodge, including building nine money-spinning flats in the property, which is surrounded by parkland and a conservation area. Judging by local property sales, EcoLocal might expect to sell the flats for at least £4m. That’s money which Sutton’s opposition Conservatives believe the council could be generating itself, if it undertook the redevelopment work, with the proceeds going towards the hard-pressed local authority budget.

Among the Sutton Lib Dem councillors who took the decision to lease The Lodge to EcoLocal were two members of Brake’s own parliamentary staff, Callum Morton and Manuel Abellan. Neither Morton nor Abellan declared an interest in the EcoLocal scheme, they say because there was no interest to declare. Brake has dismissed complaints about his and his staff’s conduct as "smears" from Sutton Tories.

Before last weekend, lawyers acting for Brake issued a letter to the Guido Fawkes website, which had highlighted the EcoLocal deal, and to the opposition Conservative group on Sutton council, demanding an apology.

Brake’s complaint about the Guido Fawkes articles is that they have referred to EcoLocal as his "company", when he maintains that it is a charity.

"I am disappointed, but not surprised at Conservative efforts to smear me," Brake told the Sutton Guardian. "They must be desperate if they have to pretend that a charity and not-for-profit company I am a trustee of, and have no pecuniary interest in, is ‘my company’.

"I am, however, surprised that they have decided to oppose plans supported by a wide range of local groups to keep the Lodge partly as a community asset, and seem to be favouring instead allowing private developers to build flats in the Ecology Centre grounds."

The lawyers’ letter to the Sutton Conservatives also included a demand for £500, to be paid towards Brake’s legal costs. At time of publication, Sutton Tories had yet to decide whether to call Brake’s bluff and discuss the matter of the £1m discount on The Lodge in court.

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Mark Wilson

£600k for a leasehold when the property is worth £1.7m freehold seems like a good deal for both parties as the Council can still sell the freehold if they want to...


I would respectfully suggest that the Conservative Councillors and supporters, so concerned about the apparent loss of funds from the council budget for much needed local services, would be much better resourced if they apply their energy to petitioning their leader David Cameron for an anti-austerity agenda. This in the long term would support country wide economic growth and lead to the provision of continuous adequate funding for the local services they propose to be supporting.

The recent OECD report on the austerity agenda, ‘Inequality Hurts Economic Growth’
h.htm reports that current austerity policies do not evidence beneficial economic growth; this inequality in turn does not benefit the local community.

EcoLocal, a local not for profit charity that has been based in Carshalton and running for coming on 15 years, has contributed immensely to the local community alongside the support of the many hard working hours put in voluntarily by members of the local community. This is because they value a community interest project with long term objectives of community benefit, rather than short sighted, profiteering, destructive plans as we are currently dealing with in local and wider community from the Conservative agenda.

As a ‘not for profit’ charity and company they are governed by UK Law and this ensures that any profits made will go back into the local community. They are a London wide and you could even say, country wide respected charity that founded and runs the Carshalton Environmental Fair as well as supporting the Carshalton Frost Fair and have brought about much community cohesion and awareness of the need for sustainable living and protecting our environment.

How about a New Year’s resolution for 2016 to pledge your support to the excellent and progressive work they do? Happy New Year!