God's Own Junkyard's Neon Lights Come To Soho

Tabish Khan
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God's Own Junkyard's Neon Lights Come To Soho
It sounds much classier in French. Courtesy Lights of Soho and Bracey family.

Neon signage has always been associated with the less salubrious outlets of Soho. But Chris Bracey aimed to change that by transferring his skills of making signs, a family business, into the world of fine art. His works appeared in the backgrounds of many Hollywood movies and his work sold in galleries.

Though Chris died last year the Bracey clan is continuing the family business and visitors can still drop into their workshop in Walthamstow, God's Own Junkyard.

If you're after a neon art in a more central location, then some of the work is coming to the Lights of Soho for a two-month exhibition to mark one year since Chris' death. It will feature work by the late Chris, his wife, his children and even his grand-children.

It's the perfect setting as this private member's club and art gallery is the only London space purely dedicated to showcasing light art. It's going to be a bold, colourful and eye-catching show.

God's Own Junkyard - My Generation will be on at Lights of Soho from 26 November-31 January. Entrance is free and the space is open seven days a week from 11am until late.

The Bracey family in God's Own Junkyard in Walthamstow

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Roger Wood

Thanks for this. A photo I took this time last year, outside Scott's in Mount St. I've now added a comment linking to your article, above. https://www.flickr.com/photos/...


OK, so I have to have a bit of a rant about this -- Chris
Bracey was responsible for a lot of the original neon signs for Soho's sex
shops and clubs. I'm not in favour the sex industry but, taken on its own, I
think Chris's work help to contribute to the Soho's vibrancy and liveliness and
has, until recently, been a big part of the area's streetscape. That's why I
find it so ironic, and a little maddening, that at the exact same time that Westminster
Council has been cracking down on 'old Soho' and the area just continues to get
more and more boring, someone decides to show Chris's work in a private
member's club middle of Soho! This is like opening a Fur Store in the middle of
what should be a nature reserve. Too dramatic? Yeah, probably... but it’s still not a
cool thing to do.

Greg Tingey

If you are going near the ORIGINAL God's own ...
try the Brewery next door - open for drinkes to the public Friday eves & Sat + Sundays
It's called:
"Wild Card"
See here ...


Enjoy both / all!