Meet The Pub Dogs Of London

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Meet The Pub Dogs Of London
Dane/Alsatian Dexter keeps guard at The Merchant

Dogs and London pubs are two of our favourite things, so imagine our joy when we learned the two have been combined in a new book.

Professional photographer Fiona Freud visited a variety of London boozers to photograph the doggy residents and regulars, from dachshunds to great danes. The result is Pub Dogs of London.

As well as the photos, there's a bit of information about each dog, such as their dislikes and their favourite treats — just to make sure you come prepared if you ever visit their stomping ground.

These canine cuties are just a sample of the delights that lie within the pages.

Lurcher/German Shepherd cross William is keen on hats and scarves, so keep yours close by if you visit The Windsor Castle.
Rufus the Miniature White Haired Dachshund lives at The Rosendale in West Dulwich (although his favourite place is Dulwich Park).
Blossom the Basset Hound reigns at The Champion in Queensway.
Lurcher Pipperty can be found at The Rosemary Branch in Haggerston...
...along with Frida the Hungarian Puli...
...and Annie the Chichon (that's a Bichon Frise/Chihuahua cross).
Winnie the Jack Russell rules over Brixton's Prince Regent...
...helped by Staffordshire Bull Terrier Chulo (whose best trick is ringing a bell when he needs to go out for a wee).
Behind those huge eyes is Lennie, the Long Haired Dachshund of The Bull & Last on Hampstead Heath
Mongrel Kerrie can be found at The Merchant in Clapham Common
Mongrel Manolito lives at the Elm Park Tavern. His favourite treat is pig's ears.

Pub Dogs of London, published by Freight Books, is available now.

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Last Updated 05 November 2015