London News Roundup: King's Cross Gets A New Park

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 30 months ago
London News Roundup: King's Cross Gets A New Park
A new park has opened in the middle of one of King's Cross's old gasholders.
  • A teenage girl has been filmed punching an 87 year old woman in the face on a bus.
  • Transport for London has hired 500 staff in advance of the much-delayed Night Tube at a cost of £1.5m a month — but they're all doing other things across the network until launch.
  • 13 fire engines that have been held 'in reserve' in case of strike might be axed altogether in budget cuts.
  • Londoners' commute times are getting worse.
  • Ajit Chambers plans to challenge TfL over the tendering process for transforming ghost stations.
  • The 2012 Olympics were "more or less sabotaged" by Russian athletes who should have been banned for doping, says a report.
  • A load of bones have been found in Greenwich.
  • Ian Visits has crunched some numbers and come up with the best dates to buy monthly travelcards to save you money.
  • Never been to Persepolis in Peckham? Shame on you.

Last Updated 09 November 2015

Greg Tingey

Excuse me, but: I TOLD YOU SO! ( The "olympics" that is ... )
All the fawning, crawling & hype about the moronic muscle-bound "heroes" ( & "heroines" I suppose ) most of whom have a minimal number of brain-cells to rub together, sucking money out of London, posturing in public & wasting everyone's time & getting in the way.
Pushed by a man who openly & voluntarily associates with known fascists ( Yes, Coe, I'm looking at you ) & all for the glory of "team games", shudder.
All come crashing down, because we were on drugs, were we?
Excuse me, while I have a really good laugh.